My Favorite Beer

Good Morning Bloggers!  In keeping with one of my Resolutions to write more…

A short morning blog, JANUARY 2, 2014.  Nor’Easter rolling in…Kids about to wake up and get shoved off to school and me to work.  That being said, here is what’s on my mind:  beer.


I am a pure beer drinker.  I can enjoy some other kinds of liquor.  For example, wines can be nice from time to time.  Every so often I get on a little kick liking something.  I like tequila when I want something hard.  But beer is like bread and butter.  It always satisfies.  I was drinking (tasting) beer from the time I was an early teen.  I mean, I didn’t drink as a teen but my dad did.  He used to have Anheiser Busch in the can in our refrigerator.  So whenever I tasted beer, it was usually that.  These days, dad likes Molson when he drinks beer.

On NYE I tasted probably the best beer I have had in a few years. I prefer Sam Adams, but most times I will order Coors Light because it has few calories and causes less bloating.  I don’t feel tipsy from it too fast and I enjoy the light flavor.  But I really enjoy a good beer and that is why Sam Adams are my favorite beers over all.  I like the taste and the variety.  I love their packaging and their Boston-roots name.  Sam is my beer.  Anyway, the delicious one I tried was Irish Red.  That stuff is good.

I like to put a little something in my coffee too and I discovered I actually have a new friend to spike coffee with.  My new friend Marshall- he always has the perfect nip for a coffee.  Although, tequila does well enough.

So I woke up today thinking of beer.  Maybe because I had to move the partial six-pack to reach the milk…always a good sign when the beer is forward of the milk.  We are buckling down for our first winter storm in New England and it’s going to be a big one.  I know we need cat food, more milk and bread and possible…just saying…we may need more beer.

Take care all,



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