The Challenges of Having a Family and wanting to be a writer

It won’t matter how early you wake up. They will wake up too. You will write one sentence and your five-year old son will say, “mama, am I bothering you?”. Then your twelve-year old daughter will arrive. She heard the commotion and wanted to join. It is 6:30 in the morning. Just before all of this, your boyfriend was rooting around for clean work pants (at about 5:59am). You realized that although it is your day off, he still has to work. You awaken and slide on some fuzzy slippers. In 15 minutes time, you have coffee brewing, dishes washed and a lunch packed for him. He had to wear dirty work pants. For some reason, you blame yourself. Was it you who did not wash them? You ruminate back to 2 days earlier when you washed and dried 4 loads of laundry, coerced the girl to help you match socks while you listened to her drone on about 6th grade drama…all before crashing of fatigue. You remember because that was how you spent your last Friday night.

So back to this morning. It’s your day off. The kids are up. The dogs are annoying you because this is a small house and they take up a lot of foot space. The cats whine until you feed them. You keep glancing over at your laptop wishing you had more time to record the never-ending slew of brilliant words that play out in your mind as you think your way through life. There never seems to be time. there is always a shift to work or a chore to do. People always call and text and message. You are bombarded. You love people. But you yearn for time to commune with thought and spirit. You could lose days in a place like that. Wouldn’t that be nice!


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