Pledge to write again.

for 2014, I pledge to write again

to write more

to feed my content the top shelf best I have

and to share it…in spite of any feedback I may not care for.

I pledge to write honestly and from the heart.  I pledge to write consistently.

I promise myself that the words I hear in my mind are worthy to be written.

I promise that WORDPRESS is a good move for me.

I will find ways to use my writing to better my life and the lives of others.

I have many ideas I want to write about.  This blog will be about the Love of words and writing and sharing through writing.

Lilac Loves words?

Some of the ideas floating around in my mind to write about and share about are:


the world

getting around

going places

exploring new places


getting away from it all

freeing yourself

freedom from boredom

moving about freely


being apart from people

centering yourself/your mind or spirit

taking good care of your mind/spirit/body connection

living organically or holistically

living life to the fullest

being happy

energizing others with positivity and kindness


teaching and learning kaballah

meditation and yoga


rituals and routines that benefit good mental and physical health

tea, herbs and supplements

veganism, raw diets

family management

raising healthy kids

being a healthy couple

being a healthy person

having great relationships and friendships

being an empathy, showing empathy

being supportive/ giving and receiving support

balancing the spirit world and physical world

understanding and knowing about the 1% and the 99% reality

recognizing people for who and what they are

not being deceived

being wise, aware…discerning

making great choices

making hard choices

making sacrifices




If you like the idea of any of these topics, then you will like this blog.  This is what I came here to write about.  My journey from 2010 until now (the cusp of 2014), has brought me to this place and to these topics as a writer and a visionary.  I want to live these things, experience them, write and share about them, enhance my own experience with them, enhance others.

I invite friendly feedback.  I will ignore and block criticism.  Writing and sharing is a very personal thing.  If you have come here to judge, please leave the way you came.  If you came here to live and experience something with me, then you are welcome to stay.  Anyone or any group who brings me down will not be a part of my future going forward.  I have disconnected from a few friends over the past 2 years.  I have limited my connections with some groups, companies and organizations.  No one and nothing is perfect.  But negativity and a lack of love serve no one and only hurt people and disturb creativity.  I will tell you truthfully, I am HATED.  So was Ghandi.  So was John Lennon.  So was Martin Luther King jr.  So was JFK.  Many people…great thinkers and humanitarians.  They were misunderstood.

YOU have been misunderstood.

me too.

So if you are still here…at the end of the page…then welcome to Lilac’s blog.

Love everyone, and BE BLESSED.



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