Still Resoved?

Ah January!  Today is that exactly midway point in January.  By now I am usually done with my resolution to exercise and eat better.  This year I made a real commitment to myself and so this time it is different.  If anyone of my readers also finds it difficult to make changes within their lives, then I guess I will be in good company!  It’s always hard to take that objective and deep look into our inner workings and make some adjustments.  I love change.  I really love to change.  I love to change my hairstyle and my hair color.  I love to re-arrange my furniture.  I love to buy new clothes.  I love when the seasons change because I enjoy the trends and the feelings associated with something new and different.  But also, there is something deeply connecting us to what we have trouble changing.  If we look closer, we have to admit that part of what makes the changing seasons so appealing is that it offers variety with familiarity.  That familiar-ness is what helps us achieve satisfaction.  But what happens when the changes we need to make lead to unfamiliar territory?  What if changing brings a perceived threat to the status quo?  Is it still so easy to change then?  What if those changes may affect others whose status quo means a lot to them?  These are questions I am pondering in my life right now.

My daughter Annika did not want to switch schools this year but she had to.  Meanwhile, my son had gone through several preschools and was entering Kindergarten.  Lex had days when he was a little resistant to getting up and getting dressed and going to wherever he was scheduled to go for the day.  However, he adapted much better to these things then did my daughter Annika.  Annika had been in the same school from K-grade 5.  For her, starting up in a new place involved losing some relationships on a daily basis.  It was a bigger change and there was no way of knowing if the outcome would feel better or worse than what she presently had.  In this instance she had to put her faith in what she knew.  She knew there were no options for her except to go forward and adapt.  I was heartbroken watching her go through this. I feared that she would never forgive me for creating a rift in her childhood timeline!  But she did come home on the first day of school with the phone numbers of new friends and stories to tell us about how nice everyone was and how fun it is to be the new girl.  In fact, the new school had a much bigger impact on her than it did to my incoming Kindergartner.  He took it all in stride.  She had to go through something.  Now she values the newly established community and friendships that she has worked so hard to create. 

Leaving my home after 11 years and closing the doors to my home business at the same time, was completely terrifying for me.  It wasn’t like I had wanted to stop running my Daycare.  I enjoyed my work.  I loved planning out the children’s days and their schedules.  I loved playing in the yard and taking them for wagon rides and exploring the beach at low-tide. I loved little picnics and play-dates.  I loved creating the curriculum for them to learn how to draw shapes and letters and numbers.  I loved doing creative activities for Circle Time.  I loved that I was there to help them learn to communicate and share and work through their stages of development with their first ever friends!  Honestly, if I had the room for it, I would do it all over again with no regrets.  I could not possibly sit here and feel regret about closing up shop and moving on in life.  But I guess recently, the word “regret” and the idea of having regrets in general, has come up to my attention for greater scrutiny.  I guess if I am being honest with myself and my readers, I would have to admit that I regret that I did not try harder to keep my little daycare or to recreate it or to continue it in another location.  I didn’t mean to give up on it.  I just didn’t see another way to do what I had been doing.  I convinced myself that it didn’t hurt to let it go.  But the truth is, it really did hurt a lot.  It still hurts.  And everyday that I go to work and do what I am doing now, I am more aware of what I gave up and why.  Back when I ran the daycare, I also did the Travel-Planning and Event-Planning.  I loved it.  But I think I loved it because I could take on as many Travel or Planning Clients as I could handle well, and I could pace myself and manage both jobs that way.  I miss that.  I was much more content with my work livelihood back then.

I have resolved to find that thing that makes my heart sing and makes me soar- it’s called my passion!  I am a very passionate person.  I can passionate about almost anything!  My passion fizzles fast though when politics comes into play (office politics, relationship politics, financial politics, religious politics).  Lots of people weigh in and then the passion feels less like pleasure and more like stress.  The only way to get through it is to truly deeply believe in what you are doing or what you are building or what you are creating.  Can you say that you believe in what you do for your livelihood?  All it takes is the right mindset and you are good to go!  Seriously…the Universe works like that.  There is something to be said in the phrase, “learn to love it”.  Here is some good advice:

Learn to Love vegetables and exercise and drinking purified water.  Learn to love visits to the dentist and doctors.  Learn to love serving others more than yourself.  Learn to love being imperfect.

No one famous said these thing…just me.  I may be famous one day so maybe you should share this blog and save it to your favorite and all that.  Learn to Love what is good for you.  Learn to say no to what hurts you and weakens your body, mind, soul and your resolve!  Learn to surround yourself with people you LOVE and in whom you can feel confident.  These are your community and they will be there for you when times are tough.  Learn to be there for others, even when it puts you out of your comfort zone.  This is how to live a good life.  Maybe if there is just one resolution for 2014 that can all make together it would be that! LEARN.






My Favorite Beer

Good Morning Bloggers!  In keeping with one of my Resolutions to write more…

A short morning blog, JANUARY 2, 2014.  Nor’Easter rolling in…Kids about to wake up and get shoved off to school and me to work.  That being said, here is what’s on my mind:  beer.


I am a pure beer drinker.  I can enjoy some other kinds of liquor.  For example, wines can be nice from time to time.  Every so often I get on a little kick liking something.  I like tequila when I want something hard.  But beer is like bread and butter.  It always satisfies.  I was drinking (tasting) beer from the time I was an early teen.  I mean, I didn’t drink as a teen but my dad did.  He used to have Anheiser Busch in the can in our refrigerator.  So whenever I tasted beer, it was usually that.  These days, dad likes Molson when he drinks beer.

On NYE I tasted probably the best beer I have had in a few years. I prefer Sam Adams, but most times I will order Coors Light because it has few calories and causes less bloating.  I don’t feel tipsy from it too fast and I enjoy the light flavor.  But I really enjoy a good beer and that is why Sam Adams are my favorite beers over all.  I like the taste and the variety.  I love their packaging and their Boston-roots name.  Sam is my beer.  Anyway, the delicious one I tried was Irish Red.  That stuff is good.

I like to put a little something in my coffee too and I discovered I actually have a new friend to spike coffee with.  My new friend Marshall- he always has the perfect nip for a coffee.  Although, tequila does well enough.

So I woke up today thinking of beer.  Maybe because I had to move the partial six-pack to reach the milk…always a good sign when the beer is forward of the milk.  We are buckling down for our first winter storm in New England and it’s going to be a big one.  I know we need cat food, more milk and bread and possible…just saying…we may need more beer.

Take care all,


Happy Multi-Tasking!


It’s Not Lilac Season, but I had to start my year with a Lilac Photo



January is starting off in an interesting way for me.  This past year, 2013…was a lot of hard work.  In the first 4 or 5 months of the year in 2013, I struggled to organize my new life.  I had made changes to every area of my life:  New home and New Family Structure, New Job, new circle of friends.

By June, I once again shifted into a new Job and a new Career.  I had always wanted a career in Travel and so I had finally stumbled across one.  I say stumbled because it was nearly accidental!  Anyway, the summer was primarily spent focusing on acquiring the skills and training necessary to actually do the job!  The Fall brought it’s own new challenges as I had to fight to set up the kids in a new school and get them situated with a school/after-school routine that worked with my new career.  Having a job is one thing but what I do is a sort-of “always on” kind of work.  Anyway, as January opens, here I sit at home adjusting some flights due to an incoming storm…I am doing this in my pajamas from home.  I don’t mind at all because what I do as a Travel Agent is fun and I get to help create these memorable trips and adventures for people.  The one I am presently adjusting is a Honeymoon where our guests would be flying out of Boston, staying in LA and then leaving LA to Honolulu to catch a Norwegian Cruise around the Hawaiian Islands.  So as you can see, a snowstorm on Friday in Boston could easily ruin a Hawaiian honeymoon cruise on Saturday in Honolulu.  This is what we do….we are not heroes, just regular folks (LOL). 

So this sets a theme for the 2014 year- a Theme of WORK and DEDICATION to my craft and my art.  Writing about what I do, I feel will help me learn more from the process.  Sharing it with friends and Readers will only allow others to learn more about what it is that those of us working in the Travel Planning Industry do and provide to clients.  Many people still use Travel Agents and Professionals (experts) to plan vacations.  I meet new people all the time who come into my Travel Business and ask me my opinion.  I give them expert advice because I don’t just dabble in this stuff.  I book and plan and create and manage travel and trips ALL day long….45 hours a week (at least).  It’s pretty demanding.  Everyone from the hotels to the airlines have their own agenda. 

I started doing this because I enjoy exploring new places and seeing beautiful scenery as well as experiencing new cultures, foods, languages and customs.  Some of my favorite places were in Canada.  I mostly package Caribbean All-Inclusive deals for Travelers.  Lots of people find this the ideal vacation.  The Chains Hotels and Resorts that offer theses types of vacations know what their Guests want and they can deliver.  We help connect them.  This allows families (like mine) to be in a warm, new climate and be safe and fed while trying new things and bonding with each other.  at least, that is the picture I like to cling to in hopes that I am doing something good for people when I help them go to places like these.  I love the islands of the Caribbean.  Once upon a time, all you heard of was Hawaii.  Don’t get me wrong, Hawaii is an outstanding place to visit!  I highly recommend it.  But not everyone has the time or patience to go so far.  From the East Coast, traveling to Hawaii with Time changes is a full day!  But there are some closer places to visit that you can get to in half a day.  We even have a few that you can get to with a nonstop flight out of a New England Airport.

Price-wise these Island trips are a great value too.  It can be hard to picture yourself enjoying these moments of solitude or these moments on a white sand beach, but it is well worth the effort and money it takes  to create your dream vacation and I love being a part of it!  Another thing I do in my Travel Profession is I manage Wedding and Honeymoon travel.  sometimes people are attending a Destination wedding and I help create that travel itinerary.  Other times, the Bride and Groom use my help to create the Destination wedding and then their guests contact me to book their part of that experience.  It has become very popular to get married this way.  Another way that we overlap the wedding industry is by offering brides and Grooms a way to create the honeymoon of their dreams and allow their friends, families and other wedding guests to assist in paying for it.  We create a Registry and I manage the registry contributions.  When the Couple is ready, we sit down and figure out where they want to go and we put the package together.  These are some of my favorite itineraries to create.

Cruises are another area I spend a lot of time with.  People love to go on Cruise Ships! Some of our favorite brands of Cruise ships are Royal Caribbean and Avalon Waterways.  Cruises leave at all times of the year from ports scattered throughout the various coastal areas of the United States.  There is something for everyone, and cruising can be personalized in many ways, so unless you are an expert at booking them, I absolutely recommend talking it over with a Travel Expert first.  These can be booked online, but in order to protect consumers, Liberty Travel (my company) offers a “Price Beat Guarantee”, where if you see a great deal out there and you bring it to use we can meet and beat the price and let you book it with a Travel Agent rather than an online site.  This offers the Consumer who would normally buy from the internet, and opportunity to work with an actual Travel Professional and get the protection and service we can offer.  One of those services is a the 24 hour travel line where our guests can call and get assistance at any hour of the day or night if they need some help.

The world of course, is so much bigger than the Caribbean and the United States.  I have been fortunate, if not to travel there myself, to know people and have friends who travel to many parts of the world on a regular basis.  I have a friend who visits the Pacific Islands once a year or so.  It is always interesting to discuss the islands with him and discover how people there live and think and communicate and work.  Europe is another fascinating area that I create travel itineraries for.  Yesterday in the office at the end of a somewhat grueling days, an older couple came in and approached an agent and announced “We want to go to the holy Land”!  I honestly had to hold back a smile because it was the most unexpected statement I think I had ever heard in the office.  And of course…we have a product for that!  We have tours, companies that specialize in visiting Jerusalem and other areas considered holy by our adventurist travel guests.  We have a match for any wish- anything you can imagine.  For me the challenge is in gaining the depth of familiarization with this massive range of potential.

Multi-tasking has become a way of life for me.  Not that I am bad at it, because I am not at all bad at it when it comes to being a Home manager.  I managed a home and a home-based daycare for a long time.  when I get home at the end of a long hard day, I immediately step into home manager mode and I am simultaneously prepping dinner while cleaning the kitchen, unpacking the lunch boxes and backpacks and answering questions about homework assignments.  I do this not because I am so full of energy but because if I do not, what will happen is things don’t get done and then chaos ensues.  If I don’t clean and cook and reorganize at the end of the day, then kids will not get to bed on time with food in tummy and homework complete and all that.  There are many demands on parents.  Working Parents don’t get a whole lot of credit for how hard that is.  Unless you are one, you may not even know how hard what I just described is.  There is no time to write a daily blog or squeeze in an hour at the gym.  add a few dogs or cats and a boyfriend to this mix….oh, and laundry…forget it.  You better never stop moving or you won’t have a clean uniform to wear for work!

Next there are the friends you need and want and love.  There never seems to be enough time.  One thing I did to create a bond and a community was I created an online friendship circle where we could all help each other and stay connected with a bit more ease and less stress.  We could easily check in with each other.  If one friend was struggling, and needed support, they could share their feelings and needs and gain not just the support and understanding of the one person they reached out to, but of 10 other fellow “sisters”…flowers as I call them.  This design works most of the time until someone feels neglected and then it can get harder.  that feeling of being neglected and feeling lonely on a deep level is something I can relate to quite well and so I have begun working on a piece of writing to talk about this and connect with other people who feel it too.  Loneliness can happen to people from any walk of life.  Having a husband or lots of friends or fans or kids…none of that is a cure for loneliness.  These can mask or hide it sometimes, and then the person who if underneath it just feels more alone than ever. 

I happen to feel that the cure for it is a healthy balance of self-love, community and finding the path of your passion in life and doing it.  Einstein was the one who said that for a man to experience happiness and satisfaction in life we must attach our passion to an achievement or aspiration and NOT to people.  Einstein did not seem to have much faith in human beings.  I may have had too much faith in fellow human beings, but since I cannot change who I am, I can only accept myself for my strengths and my weaknesses and make different choices. Those choices may feel a little unnatural but the most important thing is that someone like me learns to tune into the Logical Mind and silence the Emotional Brain a little.

So I hope I can make Einstein proud and I hope this years will be MY year to conquer and overcome some lifelong struggles like my insecurity and my weight and my finances and future planning for my life.  I can easily see me gaining mastery in these areas by mid year 2014 and moving on to bigger and better accomplishments in the 2nd half of 2014.  I would love to hear about your Resolutions.  Feel free to comment.

Love Everyone, and BE Blessed,




Pledge to write again.

for 2014, I pledge to write again

to write more

to feed my content the top shelf best I have

and to share it…in spite of any feedback I may not care for.

I pledge to write honestly and from the heart.  I pledge to write consistently.

I promise myself that the words I hear in my mind are worthy to be written.

I promise that WORDPRESS is a good move for me.

I will find ways to use my writing to better my life and the lives of others.

I have many ideas I want to write about.  This blog will be about the Love of words and writing and sharing through writing.

Lilac Loves words?

Some of the ideas floating around in my mind to write about and share about are:


the world

getting around

going places

exploring new places


getting away from it all

freeing yourself

freedom from boredom

moving about freely


being apart from people

centering yourself/your mind or spirit

taking good care of your mind/spirit/body connection

living organically or holistically

living life to the fullest

being happy

energizing others with positivity and kindness


teaching and learning kaballah

meditation and yoga


rituals and routines that benefit good mental and physical health

tea, herbs and supplements

veganism, raw diets

family management

raising healthy kids

being a healthy couple

being a healthy person

having great relationships and friendships

being an empathy, showing empathy

being supportive/ giving and receiving support

balancing the spirit world and physical world

understanding and knowing about the 1% and the 99% reality

recognizing people for who and what they are

not being deceived

being wise, aware…discerning

making great choices

making hard choices

making sacrifices




If you like the idea of any of these topics, then you will like this blog.  This is what I came here to write about.  My journey from 2010 until now (the cusp of 2014), has brought me to this place and to these topics as a writer and a visionary.  I want to live these things, experience them, write and share about them, enhance my own experience with them, enhance others.

I invite friendly feedback.  I will ignore and block criticism.  Writing and sharing is a very personal thing.  If you have come here to judge, please leave the way you came.  If you came here to live and experience something with me, then you are welcome to stay.  Anyone or any group who brings me down will not be a part of my future going forward.  I have disconnected from a few friends over the past 2 years.  I have limited my connections with some groups, companies and organizations.  No one and nothing is perfect.  But negativity and a lack of love serve no one and only hurt people and disturb creativity.  I will tell you truthfully, I am HATED.  So was Ghandi.  So was John Lennon.  So was Martin Luther King jr.  So was JFK.  Many people…great thinkers and humanitarians.  They were misunderstood.

YOU have been misunderstood.

me too.

So if you are still here…at the end of the page…then welcome to Lilac’s blog.

Love everyone, and BE BLESSED.


The Challenges of Having a Family and wanting to be a writer

It won’t matter how early you wake up. They will wake up too. You will write one sentence and your five-year old son will say, “mama, am I bothering you?”. Then your twelve-year old daughter will arrive. She heard the commotion and wanted to join. It is 6:30 in the morning. Just before all of this, your boyfriend was rooting around for clean work pants (at about 5:59am). You realized that although it is your day off, he still has to work. You awaken and slide on some fuzzy slippers. In 15 minutes time, you have coffee brewing, dishes washed and a lunch packed for him. He had to wear dirty work pants. For some reason, you blame yourself. Was it you who did not wash them? You ruminate back to 2 days earlier when you washed and dried 4 loads of laundry, coerced the girl to help you match socks while you listened to her drone on about 6th grade drama…all before crashing of fatigue. You remember because that was how you spent your last Friday night.

So back to this morning. It’s your day off. The kids are up. The dogs are annoying you because this is a small house and they take up a lot of foot space. The cats whine until you feed them. You keep glancing over at your laptop wishing you had more time to record the never-ending slew of brilliant words that play out in your mind as you think your way through life. There never seems to be time. there is always a shift to work or a chore to do. People always call and text and message. You are bombarded. You love people. But you yearn for time to commune with thought and spirit. You could lose days in a place like that. Wouldn’t that be nice!